Frequently Asked Questions

To help you find answers to your questions as quickly and easily as possible, we have provided a list of FAQs for reference. 

Who is eligible for CAASE?

CAASE provides SSU’s underrepresented and underserved students with resources to persist and graduate. Any current or prospective SSU student who meets the above criteria is eligible for CAASE services. To learn more about the CAASE departments and specific eligibility criteria, please visit our CAASE Departments section. Students who are not a part of the CAASE departments (i.e., DREAM Center, Disability Services for Students, Educational Opportunity Program, PUERTA, Seawolf Scholars, and TRIO SSS) are eligible for college support services with our CAASE Advisors.

Can I be a part of more than one CAASE department?

Yes, we do have dual-enrolled students within our different CAASE departments. Applicants must meet the admissions criteria for the different departments and must be approved for dual-enrollment by each department.

How do I join CAASE?

To receive CAASE services, students can complete the CAASE intake form to join CAASE and can join at any time during their educational journey.

Who is my CAASE Advisor and can I meet with another advisor who is not my assigned advisor?

Students who receive CAASE services are assigned to a Professional Academic Advisor. Students can meet with any CAASE Professional Academic Advisor.

What are some of the services and benefits I can receive as a CAASE student?

Students within CAASE have access to a variety of resources. To learn more, go to our Resources & Technology for Success page. 

How do we set up appointments with CAASE?

To schedule an appointment with a CAASE advisor, please call (707) 664-3567 or email

Is there a GPA or major requirement to be a part of CAASE?


What resources are available during the virtual semester?

Each CAASE department will offer remote Zoom appointments and/or drop-in meetings with students. There will be virtual programming events offered throughout the semester. Follow us on Instagram to find out more about upcoming events!